Four years ago A PLUS Youth Program was founded by the notion that sports can be the tool to motivate student-athletes towards success in academics and preparation for life.  Since then, we’ve seen the power of sports in youth’s lives. We’ve seen a student-athlete make reading cool to his classmates. We’ve seen teammates Facebook each other to ensure they are completing their homework so that they could play in an important weekend game. We’ve seen another student-athlete grow in confidence and cultivate her passion for art. All of this was made possible because of the holistic development we emphasize at A PLUS, a culture where academic and life achievements are celebrated alongside athletic achievements.


Today, our community recognizes A PLUS as an inspiring program model combining passions of Sports, Education, and Youth Development.  We also understand in order to be the best sports-based youth development organization, we need four things:

-          Great sports – we need to continue developing our members’ ability to compete at a high level.  This is the hook.

-          Great mentors – kids come for the sports, but relationships with staff keep them engaged

-          High standards – We want our members to be excellent inside the classroom and on their athletic teams

-          Visible results – Metrics on paper are not enough, our student-athletes will exemplify A PLUS values in action every day


Last year was A PLUS’s most successful, with each of our teams achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.  We also received remarkable athletic success with one of our teams rising to the rank of #1 team in the northwest.  We continue to improve and fine-tune our programming to maximize the time we have with our members and break down barriers.  Due to the success we have seen in our student-athletes, and overwhelming community engagement, I am pleased to announce that we are now expanding the A PLUS model to include Cross Country and Track & Field in the 2013-14 program year!

Tavio Head Shot


2014 marks the fifth year for A PLUS.  I am inspired by our members daily and reaching this milestone is further affirmation of the need for A PLUS in our community.  With partnerships at Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club, Zion Preparatory Academy, and Asian Resource Center, we use three program sites to offer the finest, fully integrated, academic, athletic, youth development program in the Pacific Northwest.  Get involved, join our team, our youth’s lives are limited only by their opportunity.


At A PLUS we are changing the game, so come #RunWithUs.



Tavio Hobson

Founder and Executive Director